Jul 11, 2019 Written by tor***(SG )

Casing is too heavy and first time purchase no options to choose also during purchase no optio A OR B OPTIONS now seller come and debate there is option A and B for the full cover. however the charging cable is nice colour but don't know how can charge or how long it last. slow delivery and slow response by seller.

Phone Model:Huawei Mate 20 | Brand | Type:B - Twin Color Magnetic Adsorption Case (FREE SP) | Color:Black + Blue(+S$11) | PWP PROMO!!! - BACK Protector:None | PWP PROMO!!! - Flash Charge USB Type-C Cable:PURPLE -Baseus Huawei Type-C Data Charge 40W(+S$10.90) | PWP PROMO!!! - FRONT Screen Protector:None